Baby birds

Today started out like any other Friday, I woke up when the baby woke up, my husband went to a meeting and to visit his uncle in the hospital. I got up from my movie around 4:00 in the afternoon to get myself some ice water, there I am filling my cup with a baby on my hip when I hear it. “Cheep cheep”, I think to myself that bird’s loud for being outside. I hear it again “cheep”, only this time it sounds like it’s coming from my living room, I walk into the room and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. So I turn around to walk back to the kitchen, “cheep cheep”. “Where is that coming from?” I mumbled, I hear it again as I open the door to the garage. “Cheep”, I look down and there it is. A baby bird found it’s way into our garage. I put my daughter down on the floor and grabbed a town so could “capture” the little bird. As I go back to the garage, the bird has disappeared. Now there is a baby birdie loose somewhere in my garage. It’s been a weird day.

~Litiana Marie


Overbearing inlaws

I’m sure most married people will say that their in-laws drive them bonkers, unfortunately for me though that’s very beyond true. My husband’s parents drive me so crazy that I find myself questioning my sanity. You see, I’m a new mother, my daughter is almost four months old. Because my husband was adopted at age 7 my in-laws don’t have a lot of baby experience, I can’t help but feel that his mother is trying to raise my daughter for me. She’s a grandmother, I understand that she wants to spend time bonding with her granddaughter, I in no way want to take that away from her. There is however a big bold line between grandma and mommy. My mother in law, Denise, wants to do all of the things I as a mother want to do. She wants to feed my daughter, she wants to bathe her, dress her, teach her to swim, and to crawl. Yes there are things as a grandmother that she should do, feed her too much junk food on the weekends and spoil her rotten. As a mother though, I want to do the big things. I want to be the one to teach my child to walk, I want to have fun teaching her how to swim to her daddy in the pool in our backyard. Now, I’m in no way trying to trash my mother-in-law, I’m sure most of you reading this have issues with your in-laws, I’m mostly just venting to people who have the same problems.

Leave a comment if you have issues with your in-laws that you’d like to vent about or discuss.

~Litiana Marie Hoerner