Overbearing inlaws

I’m sure most married people will say that their in-laws drive them bonkers, unfortunately for me though that’s very beyond true. My husband’s parents drive me so crazy that I find myself questioning my sanity. You see, I’m a new mother, my daughter is almost four months old. Because my husband was adopted at age 7 my in-laws don’t have a lot of baby experience, I can’t help but feel that his mother is trying to raise my daughter for me. She’s a grandmother, I understand that she wants to spend time bonding with her granddaughter, I in no way want to take that away from her. There is however a big bold line between grandma and mommy. My mother in law, Denise, wants to do all of the things I as a mother want to do. She wants to feed my daughter, she wants to bathe her, dress her, teach her to swim, and to crawl. Yes there are things as a grandmother that she should do, feed her too much junk food on the weekends and spoil her rotten. As a mother though, I want to do the big things. I want to be the one to teach my child to walk, I want to have fun teaching her how to swim to her daddy in the pool in our backyard. Now, I’m in no way trying to trash my mother-in-law, I’m sure most of you reading this have issues with your in-laws, I’m mostly just venting to people who have the same problems.

Leave a comment if you have issues with your in-laws that you’d like to vent about or discuss.

~Litiana Marie Hoerner


One thought on “Overbearing inlaws

  1. Yes, in laws can be overbearing, but you should also be glad that they want to be involved in your and your baby’s life… some are not even that nice, just smile when they offer help and say “thank you, but I got it for now.”
    You will do just fine.


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