Baby birds

Today started out like any other Friday, I woke up when the baby woke up, my husband went to a meeting and to visit his uncle in the hospital. I got up from my movie around 4:00 in the afternoon to get myself some ice water, there I am filling my cup with a baby on my hip when I hear it. “Cheep cheep”, I think to myself that bird’s loud for being outside. I hear it again “cheep”, only this time it sounds like it’s coming from my living room, I walk into the room and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. So I turn around to walk back to the kitchen, “cheep cheep”. “Where is that coming from?” I mumbled, I hear it again as I open the door to the garage. “Cheep”, I look down and there it is. A baby bird found it’s way into our garage. I put my daughter down on the floor and grabbed a town so could “capture” the little bird. As I go back to the garage, the bird has disappeared. Now there is a baby birdie loose somewhere in my garage. It’s been a weird day.

~Litiana Marie


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